Galaxy Note 7: New phones available in Thailand by November 30th


Samsung (Thailand) have announced that their revise lot of Galaxy Note 7 phones will be delivered to pre-order customers by the end of November.

In addition to previously announced promotions customers will receive Samsung Level Active headphones with a value of 2,990 baht for free.

For other customers the devices are expected to be on the open market by the new year.

Customers who wish to cancel their order should do so by October 10th by going to the shop where they ordered it and receiving their deposit back.

A 2,000 baht voucher will also be offered.

Samsung Level Active headphones

The new revised models can be identified because they will not have “DUOS” on the battery.

Changes have been made to the batteries after the worldwide recall was announced earlier this month following dozens of cases where the batteries exploded and burst into flames due to overheating.

Via: Daily News


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