Galaxy Note 7: Samsung offers replacement phones on flights out of Seoul


Following the decision by a number of airlines to ban the carriage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7s aboard their planes, the South Korean tech giant is now offering alternative phones to affected users flying out of the country from Seoul Incheon International Airport.

Neighbouring Japan was among the transport authorities to forbid the handset, as well as the US, Canada and Israel, among others.

South Korea’s Transport Ministry has yet to impose any restrictions.

But the government has launched an investigation in collaboration with Samsung after reports of batteries in the device emitting smoke or catching fire.

The company has estimated a negative impact of around 2.7 billion euros in operating profit for the next two quarters.

After taking a nose dive on the stock markets last Wednesday (October 12), Samsung spiked on Thursday and by Monday (October 17) closed up 0.82 percent.


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