Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active is about to launch


It was only a few weeks ago when Samsung had leaked almost everything that we could possibly want to know about the Galaxy S6 Active, so all we need to know now is when it will finally be available.

But thanks to a teaser tweet from US mobile phone company AT&T, who is expected to sell the new phone, it looks like it’s almost upon us. “Only one thing is missing from your workout”, says the tweet. “It’s almost time to activate your full power”.

Galaxy S6 Active Specs

If you have managed to avoid all the Galaxy S6 Active specs and detail leaks up to now, we’re basically expecting a more rugged version of the Galaxy S6 with better water, dust and shock resistance.

You can also expect a 5.1-inch QHD Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, and an octa-core Exynos chip with 2.1 GHz and 1.5 GHz cores, and the same battery as the S6 at 2,550 mAh.

And for anyone that loves the outdoors, the Galaxy S6 Active should come with an “Activity Zone” app that includes weather data, a compass and barometric pressure readings.

There’s no word yet on the final release date, but it could be as early as next week in the US. As for Asia, that’s also not yet know, but it would be great to have the Android phone available in Thailand, so watch this space…

Galaxy S6 Active Leak



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  1. Giles Peach on

    As fun as this looks, if it doesn’t offer a larger battery capacity it will be of limited use IMHO. Active people are more likely to be using battery sucking GPS far away from power sources. At lease this is true in my case. As such I have a shiny new G4 with a removable battery.