Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S6 Active details leak


The Galaxy S6 Active has generated a lot of interest lately thanks to a lack of some key features in the company’s standard S6 models that have left some users disappointed.

Its desirable specs are slowly being revealed, this time thanks to a leaked set of photos of the front and read of the Android device.

First pics of rugged Galaxy S6 Active

The back of the Galaxy S6 Active looks rather rugged, and has a sealed, waterproof design. It also moves the S6 speaker from the front of the device to the back.

This is in contrast with the glass-backed Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which are some of the best phones available but are not waterproof.

This has made the move from the older Galaxy S5 phones to the new S6 models pretty hard for some customers and Samsung fans, especially its more active ones.

Extra battery and microSD

Galaxy S6 Active Leak

The Galaxy S6 Active has more than just rugged good looks though. A longer battery life of 3,500 mAh will certainly last longer than the 2,600 mAh one in the Galaxy S6.

Not visible from the leaked pictures though, is the microSD card slot on the new model, which was a sorely missed feature dropped in the transition from the S5 to the S6.

With the waterproof design, microSD, better battery life and a tougher build, the Galaxy S6 Active looks like it’s going to be very distinct from its more mainstream counterparts.

Perhaps Samsung can win back a few disappointed customers before they jump to the LG G4 or another Android 5.0 Lollipop device (or an iPhone!?).



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