Samsung to launch Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Note 5 on August 12


As we reported recently, Samsung appears to be planning to one-up Apple’s iPhone 6s event in September with its own new devices. The latest reports say that Samsung will unveil the latest Galaxy Note phablet and a jumbo, bigger Galaxy S6 Edge on August the 12th.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ launch in August?

The South Korean electronics conglomerate plans to launch its refreshed Note, the Galaxy Note 4, in a matter of weeks. It will have a metal and glass design similar to the Galaxy S6, according to rumour site SamMobile. The popular device probably won’t come with a microSD card slot however, which will no doubt displease Note fans.

Furthermore, the S Pen stylus that accompanies the Note will likely get a redesign, said to be more of a pen-like shape. RAM in the Note is said to rise to 5 GB.

Meanwhile, the new, larger Galaxy S6 Edge, apparently to be marketed as the Galaxy S6 Edge+, is thought to simply be a larger version of the device, with Samsung’s Exynos 7420 processor and 3 GB of RAM.

Earlier rumours claimed Samsung plans to move forward the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ announcements to give the new phones time to make a splash before Apple’s next-gen iPhone in September. Samsung normally uses the IFA show in Berlin to launch new models, but in recently years the timing hasn’t exactly helped them as the tech press quickly shifts to focus on Apple’s event instead…

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SOURCE: AppleInsider.



  1. Rory Keelan on

    I was about to upgrade to a S6 or S6 Edge but this may make me wait. I normally wait for a few months after the introduction of a new model to (a) see whether it is a real improvement (the S5 wasn’t so I still use a S4) and (b) to make sure any initial faults have been ironed out. The usual 10-15% fall in price after six months or so also helps. My real concern is optimum size. As I have a Microsoft Pro 3 and a Kindle Fire I am OK for screen availability so I only want something that actually fits in either a jeans pocket or into an inner jacket pocket. S4 is fine this way.

  2. Daniele Pais on

    Wait….does this mean that the new Note 5 won’t be able to be opened at the back?
    I am happy for the 5 GB of RAM but not having the possibility to swap batteries isn’t a great news.