Bright outlook for Galaxy S6 thanks to “killer hardware”


Even though Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone has been criticised by users for the lack of an SD card and no removable battery, at least some of the technology analyst companies out there believe the device has a bright future to thanks its killer hardware and features.

Galaxy S6 expected to sell well

According to BusinessKorea, market experts have said the new Galaxy S6 orders could hit more than 55 million units this year. Global market analysis firm DRAMeXchange says that Samsung should sell 20% more phones than previous estimates for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The latest smartphone from Samsung looks like it may create strong consumer demand with its advanced specifications and better features.

Samsung Galaxy S6

DRAMeXchange has forecasted 22.2 million units of the Galaxy S6 will be sold in the second quarter this year, which is 5 million more than the previous estimate. It also projects 16.2 million units in the third quarter this year, followed by 12.5 million in the last quarter. However, to put those numbers in perspective, Apple sold more than 70 million iPhone 6 devices in the last quarter of 2014.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 models debuted at this year’s Mobile World Congress even in Barcelona earlier this month, and has attracted decent reviews due to the more premium design and advanced features. It’s too early to know whether the new phones will do enough to reverse the trend that has seen Samsung down on its luck last year, as it faced stiff competition in the high-end device segment with the likes of Apple, LG and HTC, and similarly saw its profits eroded at the low and mid tiers due to cheaper devices from companies such as Xiaomi in China.

Only when Samsung actually releases the phone and subsequent sales figures, will we know whether the Galaxy S6 has captured the hearts and minds (and wallets) of consumers.



  1. I would prefer a swappable battery and a sd card slot, but I prefer many things, few of which I will ever get. I have used a G4 for 2 years and been happy, but now it looks like it is time to trade in my trusty old friend for a bright, shiny new thing, one with lots of memory.

  2. Interesting…this is the first time I have heard the S6 will not have a removable battery. That is a deal breaker for me…unless they want to guarantee the battery that comes with it for at least 3 years.

    I can live without an SD card given enough internal memory, but not a removable battery. I find batteries to be the weakest part of a smartphone. I must be on my 6th battery for my S3. What am I to do, go to an authorized dealer each time I need a new battery? No way Jose.