Galaxy S6 pictures leaked, sport new design and wraparound display


CNET Korea has shown some leaked pictures of the highly-anticipated Galaxy S6, which is planned to be announced in a couple of weeks.


The images were provided by sources at a South Korea electronics company, and look like showing five different versions of the company’s new flagship smartphone, including an Edge-style model with a wraparound screen. The Galaxy S6 is supposedly to be announced formally at the Samsung Unpacked 2015 even which will be held on the first of March, but there have been lots of rumours in the last few weeks concerning what the new model will look like, as well as its features.

Five models of the Galaxy S6

In the images, there are five phones in what looks like a computer-generated 3D model. On the left is presumably a standard Galaxy S6, while the second one has a Versus cover, who is one of the top smartphone cover makers in South Korea.

However the last two phones show what looks like an “Edge” version of the S6, which appears similar to the sloped design of the Galaxy Note Edge. The image also seems to indicate that version will be double-edged. The right side is edged on one model and the left in the other, suggesting both sides will wrap around – either that, or there will be a model each for left and right-handed people. So much for Samsung’s ambition to pare down its smartphone lineup and reduce the number of variants.

The fifth phone in the picture shows a metallic and rather thick bezel, as well as a physical home button, but the bezel appears similar the silver shape that was highlighted in the teaser images for Samsung’s Unpacked invite, which adds some authenticity to the pictures.

Galaxy S6 Teaser

This teaser image for the Unpacked event was released recently.

It is not clear from the picture whether the Galaxy S6 and the edged version use a metal unibody design, but it’s obvious that the outer rims are in fact metal, similar to the S5.

ZDNet Korea reported that the South Korean smartphone case makers are already hard at work making cases for the Galaxy S6 range, based on both the phones and metal moulds which have been provided by Samsung. Samsung insiders also apparently told ZDNet Korea that the Edge version will be double-edged with symmetrical sides, and use aluminium.