Galaxy S6 smartphone sales weaker than expected


Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, are apparently drawing less attention from consumers than was initially thought, industry data showed this week, casting cloud over the previously upbeat sales estimate of 50 million units this year.

Galaxy S6 sales could be weaker than expected

The tech giant from South Korea has already sold more than 200,000 units of the two phones in the country since launch on April 10, which was short of the 300,000 preorders according to data, suggesting that earlier sales forecasts were somewhat exaggerated.

The Galaxy S6 has Samsung’s first wireless charging batteries, and the Galaxy S6 Edge model has been getting a lot of attention as it’s the first phone with a screen that curves on both sides of the display.

The market has been praising such cutting-edge tech, and industry pundits have been painting quite a rosy picture of the two new phones, with industry tracker Counterpoint saying that the two will sell more than 50 million this year, and some predicting even 70 million units.

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The new phones have been out just a little over ten days, so the lower than expected figure is not cause for concern yet, especially when considering that South Korea’s phone market is already saturated. But previous estimates have been very positive, and Samsung had said that it couldn’t keep up with demand for the Edge model in particular (possibly because yield rates are low due to the difficulties in manufacturing the special screens).

The telecom watchdog in that country have been trying to bring more transparency by stopping mobile phone companies from paying huge subsidies that exceed the legal limits to tempt subscribers away from the competition.

Mobile operators do pay subsidies of nearly $200 for the Galaxy S6 models, but they expanded the amount recently due to sluggish sales.

“We expect sales will improve soon, as the mobile carriers decided to increase subsidies on the Galaxy S6 series”, a local retailer said.

SOURCE: Korea Herald


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