Galaxy S9 to include new feature to rival Face ID on iPhone X


According to reports that have emerged over the weekend, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 will include a security feature that is said to rival Face ID on Apple’s iPhone X.

The new tool known as Intelligent Scan, was discovered by AndroidPolice and combines iris scanning with facial recognition.

The feature is found in the Samsung Settings app and is said to give superb results “even in low or very bright light.”

The fact that it combines iris scanning and facial recognition means that it should be far more reliable and pose a real threat to the iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 range is anticipated to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which starts on 25 February.

No new hardware is required so the feature could also be available for last year’s models too.

It seems that security is very much the issue at the present time for Samsung and a recently-published patent gives us a look into the future.

The filing was noticed by SamMobile and is said to show plans for the company using blood flow patterns as a means of recognition.

The ‘Real Time Authentication Based on Blood Flow Parameters’ patent, filed in 2016, describes the means of authenticating devices by identifying patterns in the fingerprints and wrists.

The app would work well on smartwatches that already have heart-rate sensors whilst many of Samsung’s smartphone also have such scanners that work alongside the fingerprint scanners.

Within the patent, the company points out ‘the arterial conduction paths of different users are almost never identical’ providing uniquely identifying information.


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