This is a game changer: Motorola patents a self-healing smartphone display


Unfortunately, breaking our smartphone screen seems to be one of the hazards that we must overcome on a daily basis!

Luckily, help could be at hand after Motorola patented a method that could potentially regenerate your cracked screen on the spot using “heat to reform a damaged screen, essentially ‘healing’ the crack in the process.”

It is believed that the patent was filed in February 2016 but was only published this week.

It describes a “shape memory polymer” that can return to a predefined shape when exposed “thermal elements” or heat.

This can include leaving the phone in the sun, applying a hair dryer or even using body heat.

It cold also be placed overnight in a special healing dock that would heat the phone and repair the screen while you sleep.

An app would then be used so that the user could mark which part of the screen is damaged.

“The self-healing effect has been shown to completely reverse scratches and indentations, and to at least partially reverse cracks and breakage,” said Motorola.

The bad news about the patent is that it only appears to work for small cracks and scratches but it is still good news and may well be only a “promising start”.

The patent is still at the proof-of-concept stage which sadly means that it is some way off bringing this this self-healing technology in action, if it is ever seen at all. 

Via: The Verge


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