Game of Phones: The brain teasing photo that is driving the internet crazy


This photo of a floral carpet is driving taking the internet by storm and driving people crazy on Facebook.


Because the internet is a very strange place and people have nothing better to do?

No, the real reason is that hidden inside the photo is a mobile phone that is near impossible to spot.

The image, uploaded by Jeya May Cruz from the Philippines, has been shared almost 17,500 times and is the latest of a series of similar images that is amazing and mystifying people online.

Jeya jokingly said she took the photo because she couldn’t sleep and wanted to play a game but not the photo has gone viral and has hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world trying to spot the phone.

Are you eagle eyed enough to be able to spot the phone?

If not, you’re not alone. The brain teasing photo has left hundreds of thousands people bewildered.

Some people commenting online said they spotted right away, whereas others said it took them several hours, while some people said they could not spot it at all and refused to believe that there was even a phone in the photograph.

We almost called Jeya and the image out for being a fraud but after spending longer than we probably should have looking for, we finally spotted it.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to spot the camera – zooming in helps and look out for the lens of the smartphone camera, that was the first thing we spotted.

If you spot it, don’t tell anyone where it is but share the photo with your friends and see if any of them can spot it.

We’ll reveal where the phone is located in the photo tomorrow so look out for our update.


Hidden phone - zoom

Did you spot the hidden phone?

hidden phone


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  1. Archie Pelago on

    yes, spotted it. the only floral pattern that didn’t match the rest of the rug