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One of the very latest games currently riding high in the Apple App Store charts is Alto’s Adventure, a gorgeous and very playable “endless runner” in which you play Alto, a snowboarder, riding through a series of landscapes with lots of obstacles to avoid.

Alto’s Adventure for iPhone

If you have played those kind of games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, you’ll know what an endless runner type game is – basically it never ends and you can go on pretty much forever. In Alto’s Adventure, the concept is similar but it’s an absolutely beautiful sideways scrolling snowy landscape, which you must snowboard down, all the while performing various tricks to achieve certain goals.

For example, perform 3 backflips and jump across a cavern. The controls are very simple – just tap the screen anywhere once to jump into the air – very similar to Tiny Wings. If you hold down your finger long enough you’ll perform a backflip – and when you land you’ll get a speed boost. You can also obtain huge points by special moves such as grinding on bunting, or backflipping over llamas – yes, there are llamas in this game too.

Alto's Adventure

Once you progress a certain way through the game, completing the various challenges, you can unlock additional characters with different characteristics – for example the ability to board more quickly or do backflips more quickly – all this helps to rack up points, which can then be exchanged in the shop for upgrades – either to increase the ‘coin magnet’ duration, the wing suit (can’t wait to unlock that one), or the duration of the hover board power up (which can be occasionally picked up on the run).

There are also plenty of obstacles to dodge, such as rocks on the track, camp fires, chasms, and village elders who give chase when you zoom past them. There’s also the ongoing danger that you’ll land badly and slide off (how you land depends on rotating Alto by holding down on the screen).

Special mention must go to the graphics, which look quite simple in the screenshots, but are very slick, smooth and stunning when seen in motion. The music is also excellent, so it’s best to listen to the game on headphones to appreciate the great soundtrack. As you play, the game changes from day into night and back again, adding to the atmosphere hugely.

I’ve only played Alto’s Adventure on an iPhone 6 so far, but I imagine it will be even more fun on an iPad. It’s a highly recommended (and addictive) game, that’s very easy to pick up, but maddeningly difficult to put down!

You can view more details on Alto’s Adventure here.

Here’s the promotional video:

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9.0 Awesome

A simply brilliant game, that's immense fun and very rewarding.

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