Game of Thrones fans targeted by new malware campaign, security experts warn


Hackers are using the popularity of Game of Thrones to spread a devastating new form of malware, security experts have warned.

Cybersecurity firm Proofpoint have uncovered a new malware campaign that targets fans of the popular fantasy show.

According to Proofpoint, a “targeted email campaign” that promises Game of Thrones downloads and details of leaked episodes is being used to spread malware.

Proofpoint claims it was first aware of the campaign after discovering an email on 10 August.

The subject line of the email read “Wanna see the Game of Thrones in advance?”

The email gives details about previous, as well as the current season of Game of Thrones.

It also contains a Word doc attachment that is laced with malware.

Image: ProofPoint

When the user downloads the document it installs a Trojan that allows hackers to take control of your computer.

This can enable them to access private information stored on your computer or siphon passwords and login credentials from online accounts.

They could even take control of your webcam and record you at your computer.

Proofpoint says similar attacks have been used by group which has close links to the Chinese government and hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the group being responsible for this attack also.

This isn’t the first time Game of Thrones fans have been targeted by cyber criminals.

Last year, and then more recently earlier this month, security firm Malwarebytes warned users about the risks of downloading episodes of Game of Thrones from torrent sites.

In 2016, fans were targeted by the dangerous Cerber ransomware that tricked into clicking on so called malvertisements.

What made the Cerber malware particularly dangerous is that it infected machines without the user clicking on a link or downloading a malicious file.


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