Garmin releases new fitness tracker for your dog


Dogs, like humans, are prone to putting on a few pounds and if you are concerned about this with your pooch Garmin may have the answer.

Delta Smart is a discreet tracker designed purely for dogs and is simply attached to your dog’s collar. The tracker can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and by using the Garmin CANINE app.

The app is also able to monitor your dog’s behaviour through the Delta Smart training system as well as their activity levels.

If you use the training system you can give automated or customised training corrections to train you dog simply by pressing a button.

A Bark Limiter is also install that detects when your dog is barking and correction technology will be used to correct this.

Garmin Delta Smart Fitness Tracker for dog

Garmin Delta Smart Fitness Tracker for dog

Proximity sensors known as “Keep away Tags” can also be fitted to rubbish bins, flower beds and sofas to discourage your dog from going to places that they shouldn’t.

The animals are discouraged through noises, vibrations or via another stimulation.

The app allows owners to know what their furry friend has been up to all day including recording where they have been, if they were active or resting and if they were misbehaving.

This will help owners to encourage their pets to be more active. Whilst pets are fetching balls and sticks it may also encourage owners to get out a little bit more and burn off some excess calories of their own.

The device will cost US$149.99 (THB5,200) and comes in 3 styles.


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