Garmin vivosport with outdoor-activity features


Those who love to combine tech gadgets with outdoor workouts, including walking and running, could be taking a close look at the latest from GIS Company, the people who brought us geo-mapping.

The Garmin vivosport comes with built-in GPS tracking, along with a modern always-on colour touchscreen display.

Garmin vivosport is a lightweight device (the larger size weighs 27 grams and the smaller size just 24.1 grams), said to be fully waterproof to 50 metres and with a battery life of up to seven days when in smartwatch mode.

The 24-hour wrist-based heart rate monitor also lets users measure stress, and track cardio and strength training such as steps, floors climbed, calories burned, intensify minutes, sleep and more.

Available in regular size (at 122-188mm.) in dark grey and red, or large size (148-215mm) in dark grey and green, and priced at Bt7,990 at Garmin dealers nationwide.


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