Genius iPhone hack means you will never miss an SMS again


Are you one of those people who regularly miss an SMS?

If you are, there is now a iPhone hack that can solve the problem for you.

If you go into an iPhone’s accessibility settings there is feature that ensures you will get an unmissable alert every time someone sends you an SMS or  calls you.

With the setting enabled the device lets out a short burst of light from the LED flash on the rear of the phone – the same one that is used when you take a photograph, whenever a message is sent.

This means that if your phone is face down and in silent mode you will still get a blatantly obvious signal that means you can’t fail to be aware that someone is calling you or has sent you a message.

If this is appealing to you, you can activate the function in the following simple steps:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Hearing > tap LED Flash for Alerts

There is downside unfortunately which is that it can seriously affect your battery life so you may want to only turn it on if you are expecting an important call or message although this may not satisfy any friends who complain about the time it takes you to respond to messages.

There is another feature that is available, one that allows you to send a “read receipt” once you have read the message.

To activate this follow these steps:

Settings > Messages > tap Send Read Receipts

If you are choosing to ignore messages deliberately then you can forget all of the suggestions above and carry on as normal!


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