Get fit and have fun: Best fitness apps for 2017


After all the excesses of the festive period, many of us will be looking to get back in shape.

You don’t need to fork out on expensive gym membership, instead you can get your phone to help you!

Here are six of the best fitness apps available moving into 2017:

1. Superhero Workout App

This app transforms your usual dull workout routine into something a little more entertaining.

In this app, you become the pilot of an Iron Man inspired fighter jet, so it is time to train for a potential alien attack.

Punches deflect missiles and crunches boost energy with motion-tracking keeping you up to date with your progress.

Download on Android, iOS

2. Zombies, Run!

Your morning jog can take on an escape from zombies feel direct from an episode of The Walking Dead.

To survive you’ll need to make sure you quicker than the virtual zombies who are chasing you. You’ll also have to make sure you run long enough to collect extra points.

With more than 200 runs and missions to try out, you’ll still be fleeing the undead well into 2017.

Download on Android, iOS

3. Dry January and Beyond

This app pairs getting fit and staying off the booze. There are no motivational speeches or messages but instead it tells you how many calories you have avoided since your last alcoholic beverage.

It even tells you how much money you have saved which may be more appealing to others!

Download on Android, iOS

4. Couch to 5K

The is a great app for beginners and is a free, 8-week programme that requires you to be active three times a week for just 30 minutes each time.

The levels of exercise are more manageable and an audio coach offers reassurance and guidance along the way.

Download on Android, iOS

5. Pact

This app offers a monetary incentive. You set your fitness goals and compete for real money from others using the app.

Once you’ve set your fitness goals, you will also need to establish your fine limits for failing to hit said goals.

Fail to hit your fitness goals and it will hit you where it hurts most, in your pocket! Hit your goals, however, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank, earning from all those who failed to hit their targets.

Download on Android, iOS


carot fit
The app pulls no punches shouting out your weight in a comical take on the traditional 7-minute workout. It combines Celebrity Face Punches with Dragon Mating Dances.

It is great exercise and will also keep a smile on your face.

Download on iOS


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