Get ready for LINE Mobile


LINE Mobile, a business collaboration between LINE Thailand and DTN, is aimed at digital millennials, solving the pain points of traditional telecom service, including queuing at shops to sign up or pay their bills, figuring out complicated price plans, running out of Internet time when watching their favourite shows, and bill shock from roaming fees.

The LINE Mobile team has been getting feedback from Beta-test users to ensure a service that meets all customers’ needs.

There was positive feedback about the easy purchase process online and the ability to manage their mobile service, including paying bill, switching price plans, and chatting with customer support.

LINE Mobile offers free data for LINE TV and LINE Messenger. With free data for LINE Messenger, consumers also get free data for Free Call and Video Call through the application.

LINE TV has continued in popularity, with traffic from mobile contributing 81 per cent. The company is working on integrating the LINE Mobile Official Account with Business Connect, whereby subscribers can access a suite of self-services.

LINE Mobile is a separate team owned by DTN. While the voice and data services are operated by DTN, LINE grants the right to use LINE Mobile to reflect a strong collaboration between the LINE Mobile and LINE that is rooted beyond the brand name.

The LINE and LINE Mobile teams have been working side by side to integrate LINE services and experience into LINE Mobile service.


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