Github defends itself from massive Chinese cyber attack


US-based code repository website said on Sunday that it was deflecting traffic from a several days long cyber attack that had caused outages on the coding site, with The Wall Street Journal stating that China is the source of the attack.

US Coding site Github flooded by “Denial of Service” attack

“Eighty-seven hours in, our mitigation is deflecting most attack traffic. We’re aware of intermittent issues and continue to adapt our response”, according to a tweet from the GitHub Status account.

The attack was a flood of traffic, known as a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which are among the most common on the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the flood of Internet traffic to GitHub was coming from Chinese search engine Baidu Inc, and targeted two GitHub pages linked to copies of sites banned in China.

On its blog, GitHub said that attack began early on Thursday “and involves a wide combination of attack vectors”.

“These include every vector we’ve seen in previous attacks as well as some sophisticated new techniques that use the web browsers of unsuspecting, uninvolved people to flood with high levels of traffic”, the blog post stated.

“Based on reports we’ve received, we believe the intent of this attack is to convince us to remove a specific class of content”.

GitHub supplies ‘social’ coding tools for developers and calls itself the world’s largest code host. It is used by many companies as a repository for code, and is used by many developers as a way to work on projects and manage the code between team members.

SOURCE: Reuters


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