Gmail to introduce new privacy features, including ‘confidential mode’ and self destructing emails


Google is set to overhaul the design of Gmail in next couple of weeks and now details of a few new features, including self destructing emails, have leaked online.

The improved design, which will be the biggest redesign of Gmail in almost a decade, will feature a handy snooze feature, that allows you to put off dealing with annoying emails, an offline mode and Google’s brilliant Smart Reply feature.

But it will also include a new tool called ‘confidential mode’, which will let emails expire after a certain period time, TechCrunch has reported.

The new feature will display a pop up that will allow users to set a date for when they want the email to “self destruct”. Users will be able to choose from one week, one month or a couple of years for when they want the email to disappear.

The feature also includes a confidential mode which will prevent the recipient of the email from forwarding, downloading, printing or copying and pasting text from the email.

Image: Tech Crunch

Another feature further boosts security by requiring the recipient to confirm their identity by entering a passcode which is sent to them by SMS.

While Google is set to update the look of Gmail, few details of exactly what the tech giant has in store for its ever popular email service remains unclear.

It’s likely that Google will officially unveil the new Gmail for desktop at its I/O developers event which begins on May 8.

The new design is also set to feature a sidebar which incorporates Google Calendar and Keep, Google’s note taking app, which should help to make appointments and keeping on top of tasks a little easier.

The updated Gmail on desktop is also set to include two of the best features that are currently available in Inbox by Gmail – Google’s other email app.

One of those features is the excellent Smart Reply which uses AI to offer up a choice of three automatic response to an email.

The more you use Smart Reply the smarter it gets, learning how you are likely to reply to an email, enabling you to replay with just a single click.

The other feature Google looks set to bring over of Inbox is the snooze option, which can temporarily hide an email from your Inbox until the time you are ready to deal with it.


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