Gmail to undergo major redesign – here’s what you need to know


The desktop version of Gmail is set for a major redesign and will include several new features.

The service is one of the most popular in the world and comes complete with lots of additional features.

There are significant differences between the desktop and mobile versions and it is believed that many of these will be addressed with the upcoming update.

It is believed that the most significant change will be to the user interface.

The cleaner, more minimalist version looks more appealing and more modern and will closely resemble the app.

The newly redesigned version was spotted by Android Police, in a video that has now been removed.

The desktop version will also include Smart Reply.

The feature is designed to help you save time by suggesting quick responses such as those that are currently available in the Gmail app.

It will also include new tools that will help users organise their messages and reduce their chances of getting overwhelmed. These will be known as Smart Groupings and Snooze.

Smart Groupings automatically puts related messages together, whilst Snooze will delay incoming mails, allowing you to catch up. Both of these features are already available in the excellent Inbox by Gmail app.

The Snooze feature includes options are Later Today, Tomorrow, This Weekend, Next Week and Someday. These allow you choose a specific date, time and even location for you to start receiving messages again.

Google is yet to officially confirm when the changes will be rolled out to users.


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