Go Bike app launched as motorcycle taxis enter digital age – but is it really legal?


Motorcycle taxi customers are set to have a widespread new option after the Go Bike application was launched at a media event in Bangkok yesterday.

The company promoting the app said it had been working with national bike associations and Department of Transport to ensure that members of the public as well as the riders themselves all benefit from their service.

They said that every effort has been made to ensure that the service is lawful after legal complications had been ironed out with interested parties.

This follows arguments that broke out on the street recently between registered drivers at ranks and some non-registered riders who were accused of illegally stealing customers from under their noses.

At the time officials said that the service online was NOT legal.

No comments from officialdom were contained in the report of the Go Bike app launch.

The motorcycle taxi market is extremely lucrative.

It is reckoned that in Bangkok alone there are 130,000 registered riders and there are between 4 and 6 million trips per day. Nationwide there are 200,000 riders, called Win in Thai.

The company promoting the app said that there would be no hidden charges and fair prices would be quoted. They said that their service was different to the established service in the street and that both could live side by side with mutual benefits for all.

So far Go Bike have 1000 riders on their books in Bangkok with 3,000 expected to be available by September rising to 5.000 by the end of the year.

Go Bike said that for the first year there would be a promotion with no calling out charges and that customers would only pay for the cost of the journey.

The official launch of Go Bike comes after regulators in Thailand rule that rival operators such as UberMoto and Grab were operating illegally in Thailand.


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