GoBone: The smart pet toy that will keep your dog occupied all day


We’ve all got a smartphone. If you’re a dog owner, you may soon have a smartbone.

If you ever feel guilty about leaving your dog alone whenever you leave the house for long periods, then a new doggie gadget may help you clear your conscience.

Startup tech company PulsePet has launched what is being called the world’s first ‘smartbone’.

GoBone is an app controlled toy for your dog that keeps you pet moving and entertained, even when you are not around to play.

Owners can insert treats or food into the GoBone and then the gadget just works on its own, moving around the floor, so that your dog can chase it or chew on it. It also squeaks.

The creator of GoBone says that it can also make adjustments to its movement and behaviour depending on your dog’s age, weight, breed and playing style in order to keep them entertained and active for longer.

The battery life of the GoBone is approximately eight hours which should be more than enough to keep even the most playful of dogs entertained.

GoBone is also made eco friendly materials that are both durable and safe for pets and humans.


GoBone is the brainchild of dog owner Santiago Gutierrez who after working 60 hours per week was worried about his dog Rufus getting lonely.

“When I created the GoBone, my original goal was to keep my dog entertained while he was home alone,” said Gutierrez in a statement. “But then I realized the GoBone could also be used to improve the bond between owners and their pets through interactive games they can play together.”

Gutierrez and his company PulsePet has raised more than the $60,000 needed via a Kickstarter campaign.

GoBone is expected to ship in December and can be sent to anywhere in the world.

To pre-order, GoBone costs $149, which is a saving of $80 of the normal retail price.

PulsePet will also allow consumers to donate a GoBone to a dog shelter of their choice.


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