Google and Facebook Tools are Helping People Locate Nepal Survivors


People who are trying to locate loved ones in Nepal can now turn to Google and Facebook for help. On Saturday, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had launched a new tool called Safety Check to help families find their loved ones in Nepal. Safety Check sends a message to people who are currently in Nepal and asks them to click on a button to let their friends and family know they’re okay.

Zuckerberg stated that when disasters occur, people need to know that their friends and loved ones are safe and okay.

Google also revived its Person Finder tool over the weekend to help families and friends track their loved ones. What the tool does is search for and post information about missing family or friends in disaster area. Currently, Google is hosting over 5,800 records.

The tool allows people to share information about missing persons and include both a description and photos. A comment forum has also been set up to allow people to share their messages.

Google first introduced its Person Finder tool in 2010 during the Haiti earthquake. Prem Ramaswami, Google engineer, had asked Marissa Mayer, former Google products chief, what the company’s response would be to the tragic event. Mayer left it up to Ramaswami to decide. Just 12 hours later, the Person Finder tool was launched.


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