Google Announces Ban on Sexually Explicit Content on Blogger Platform


Blogger, owned by Google, has traditionally allowed users to upload and share sexually explicit images and videos. Following the company’s newest change to their regulations, users will no longer be able to share sexually explicit content on the blogging platform.

The Blogger support page states that these news rules will be enforced starting on March 23, 2015.

Images and videos that show graphic nudity or are sexually explicit are no longer allowed. What will happen to past content matching this description? The company stated that unless the content is removed, sites that currently contain this type of media will become private, allowing owners to rectify the situation before publishing again. New sites that continue to violate the new company policies may be deleted, stated Google.

There is an exception to the rule. If the image depicts nudity but has a public benefit, it will be allowed. This would allow artistic works to remain hosted as well as educational material and scientific-related images that show human anatomy.

All users of the blogging platform have been notified of the company’s changes via email.

Blogger has not made a big policy change since 2013. The last major change also targeted adult content and made it so that authors could no longer monetize adult content that was hosted on the platform. No news has been released as to why the change has been enacted. Users that want to host adult content will need to move to another blogging platform.

Users of the platform are already expressed their concerns. A private blog is only accessible by the author, so authors will need to change services. Authors are worried that the change will decimate their viewership.

Google has stated that users can export their Blogger content or archive it by using Google Takeout. Tumblr and WordPress are alternatives, states users.