Google Assistant: Your Android smartphone is about to get a whole lot smarter


The Google Pixel had the bragging rights for being the only device that featured Google Assistant but that is about to change as an update will be available for older devices.

The super-smart Google Assistant will start being available immediately on “eligible” devices that are currently running Android Marshmallow or Nougat, Google has announced.

The news was broken in a YouTube video that demonstrated some of the new functions that will be available thanks to the assistant.

It will be users in the US who will be able to access the update first, with Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK all following soon after. There is no news on a release date for Thailand at this stage nor is there a definitive list of “eligible” devices.

Google Assistant will now have more languages as was first revealed at the MWC although the release date has only just been confirmed.

Once your phone has received the update, a simple long-press of the home button will activate Google Assistant.

To communicate with the virtual assistant, you have a text conversation that can be seen in speech bubbles. We are told that is very fast are rarely misunderstands the user.


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