Google beefs up security on Chrome – here’s what you need to know


Google has just announced two new security features for Google Chrome.

The first is an upgrade to its Security Checkup and the second is all new phishing protections for the browser.

The new Security Checkup is designed to assist users with making their accounts more secure and offers plenty of helpful hints and tips on how to do this.

Naturally this will keep evolving to address any new threats as they arise.

“The Security Checkup is now a tailored guide to securing your data,” said Google in a blog post.

“When you visit the Checkup, you’ll see your security status – a green check mark means you’re good to go, and a yellow or red exclamation point means there’s at least one issue.”

Image: Google

The Safe Browsing feature in Chrome will also be updated so that it can identify phishing attacks more efficiently.

Chrome already offers warnings for potentially dangerous sites or files, but it is presently unable to cope with new phishing sites that are created as quite simply, the quickest scanners don’t warn people in time.

“Safe Browsing’s insights can now enable us to make predictions about risks in real time,” said Google.

“We’re using this knowledge to test new predictive phishing protections in Chrome.”

If a user does type their Google password into a suspected phishing site, Google’s new security system will ensure that your account and information isn’t compromised.

“Those protections will apply even if you use a different browser afterwards.”

“We plan to expand predictive phishing protection to all other passwords you’ve saved in Chrome’s password manager.”


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