Google launches Google Calendar for iPhone


In a blogpost on Google’s website, the company has just announced that the Google Calendar app is now available for Apple’s iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

Google Calendar launches for iOS

The Google Calendar app for iPhone works with Exchange and iCloud calendars and also integrates with Gmail to automatically turn events from emails into Calendar entries. Here’s a rundown on the features from Google:

  • Events from Gmail, which turn emails into Calendar events automatically
  • Assists, which make suggestions that save you time creating events
  • Schedule View, which makes your calendar easy to scan and lovely to look at

Google Calendar iPhone

Google has been steadily releasing apps on the iPhone, as it seeks to tie users into its suite of apps, regardless of the device they are using. Users of Apple’s built-in Calendar app may be hesitant to try out another calendar, but the Google one works nicely with your Google account, and is genuinely pleasing to use.

Google Calendar is now available on the Apple App Store for free.