Google to publish monthly updates on self-driving cars, including accident stats


Google’s self-driving car didn’t make an appearance at the Google I/O conference lsat week. Even though that disappointed many people, Google has revealed more information about how many accidents its cars are involved in each month.

The company’s 8 month driverless car trial has been closed, and resulted in only some minor accidents of 4 of 23 of its self-driving vehicles in the duration of the trial. Besides the company saying it wasn’t responsible for any of the accidents, the additional details about the causes were previously a little murky, but not now…

Google reveals self-driving car website

On the new Self-Driving Car Project website, Google has provided monthly reports as a PDF file that can be accessed even for people without a Google account. From May 2015, the search company will provide in minute detail an account of every accident its vehicles get into, in addition to how the team is improving from the information.

By releasing the information to the public as the project continues is useful, as the workings of the driverless cars is largely unknown. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the cars are closer to launch.

The FAQ section on the website says that “In coming years, we’d like to explore other cities that can teach us about different types of challenging weather and terrain. We’d also like to run small pilot programs with our prototypes to learn what people would like to do with vehicles like these”.

There might however be more big news on Google’s autonomous cars at next year’s I/O conference, perhaps as the site suggests that the project will move on to new locations, towards its eventual retail release.

SOURCE: PocketLint.


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