Google Chrome found to be the least hackable web browser


The recent 10th annual Pwn2Own event has revealed that Google Chrome is the least hackable web browser.

This is a well-known hacking contest held annually at the CanSecWest security conference with the best, or worst, hackers in the industry trying to exploit software and hardware with previously unknown vulnerabilities.

Rather like the Masters in golf, winners receive a jacket with the year and device they managed to hack emblazoned on it, along with a cash prize.

Over the three-day event, Microsoft Edge was hacked five times, Safari three times, Firefox twice – although only one of these was successful. Google Chrome remained unscathed with no attacks completed.


It’s probably worth pointing out that Edge is the newest browser out of the ones tested and is therefore likely to be the most vulnerable.

Unlike rival web browsers which have been established for several years, Microsoft Edge newly launched as part of the the roll out of Windows 10, so it only had 18 months to quash all the bugs.

Team 360 Security was the winning team scoring 63 points and, like the all other exploits, were “bought” by the sponsors including some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley who work with the vendors on creating patches as soon as possible.

The news comes at a time when Google has decided to bring back its most annoying feature which had previously been kicked into touch.

The backspace on forms that frustratingly meant some users lost data when completing forms has made a return on Google Chrome version 52.


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