Google Chrome just got a big update – here’s what’s new


Google has started pushing out a major update to its Chrome web browser.

Chrome 66 is now available to all users and includes one really useful new feature and important security improvements.

One of the new features solves what is arguably one of the biggest annoyances for internet users.

From today, Chrome users will now have the option to stop videos that play automatically with sound.

“As announced earlier, autoplay is now allowed only when either the media won’t play sound, after the user clicks or taps on the site, or (on desktop) if the user has previously shown an interest in media on the site,” Google said in its update notes.

“This will reduce unexpected video playbacks with sound when first opening a web page.”

“Users watch and listen to a lot of media, and autoplay can make it faster and easier to consume on the web”, a spokesperson for the firm wrote in a blog post.

“However, one of the most frequent user concerns is unexpected media playback, which can use data, consume power, and make unwanted noise while browsing.

“To address this, Chrome will be making autoplay more consistent with user expectations and will give users more control over audio.

“Autoplay will be allowed when either the media won’t play sound, or the user has indicated an interest in the media.

“This will allow autoplay to occur when users want media to play, and respect users’ wishes when they don’t.

“These changes will also unify desktop and mobile web behaviour, making web media development more predictable across platforms and browsers.”

Google Chrome should update automatically.

However, you can check which version of Chrome you are running by clicking on the three dots icon in the top right of your browser.

From there, go to Help > About Google Chrome


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