Google Chrome on Android is about to get a whole lot faster


The latest version of Google Chrome on Android, Chrome 59, is being rolled out and it will give your device a considerable speed boost as well as having some other impressive features.

The use of mobiles has increased dramatically in recent years and indeed it is now the most common way to surf the internet.

The result is that they have be able to handle a great deal of traffic so they need to be constantly improving to cope with this demand.

The truth is just having a fast smartphone or tablet with the latest processor and lots of RAM is not enough, you need to have a quality browser too.

Google realised that there was a need for improvement in their Chrome browser as it notoriously hogged lots of RAM.

So now we have it, Chrome 59 for Android. Having already been released on Windows, Mac and Linux, Google claim that the new browser uses “less memory, loads pages faster, and packs a number of security patches and stability fixes.”

We are told that pages load up to 20% quicker using the latest version of Chrome than they did previously but of course that isn’t for all pages, an average of 10% quicker seems far more likely.

Much of the speed increase has been attributed to the improvements in the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine.

This engine fuels many of the complex functions performed by websites so the fact that Chrome 59 will use less memory means that even JavaScript heavy pages will load far quicker.

Chrome 59 will be available in the Google Play store within the next week but should update automatically.


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