Google Chrome on Windows to get a MAJOR speed boost


Great news for users of Google Chrome on Windows – your favourite web browser is about to get a handy speed boost.

Google has announced that Chrome is now 15 percent faster on Windows.

The increase in speed has been made possible following the introduction of Microsoft’s Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) technology which is now incorporated into Google’s popular web browser.

PGO works by adapting to user’s needs depending on how they use a particular app, or in this case, a particular feature in Google Chrome.

PGO then keeps track of how you use the browser in order to optimise the features you use the most, while functions that you rarely use are given less priority, meaning the overall demand on system performance is greatly reduced.

“To gather this data, the nightly build process now produces a special version of Chrome that tracks how often functions are used. PGO then optimizes those high-use functions for speed, in some cases increasing the binary size of those functions”, Google explained in a blog post.

“To balance out that increase, PGO also optimizes less-used functions with smaller, though slightly slower code. These trade-offs result in higher overall performance, and a smaller overall code footprint”, it added.

Google says that Chrome can open a new tab 14.8 percent faster than before, while page load times should be around 6 percent faster. Perhaps even better, Google says the startup time for Chrome should now be about 16.8 percent faster following the introduction of PGO.

In order to give your web browser a speed boost, you need to make sure you are running 64 bit version of Google Chrome 53 or the 32 bit Google Chrome 54.

Meanwhile, according to a report in Android Police, Google is testing a redesign of the Chrome Browser on Android.

The redesign sees Google place the search bar at the bottom of the screen, a move which is aimed at making it easier to use while holding your smartphone in one hand.


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