Google Chrome surpasses Internet Explorer to become world’s top web browser


Google Chrome has been crowned the undisputed  champion in the world of Internet web browsers.

According to stats released by NetMarketShare on Monday, Chorme had a market share of 41.7 percent of desktop browsers for the month of April, overtaking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which had a 41.4 percent share for the same period.

Firefox by Mozilla came in third with a share of 9.7 per cent, while Apple’s Safari was fourth with 4.91 percent.

NetMarketShare, which measures unique visits against Internet traffic across every country, shared a graphic showed the trend line of Chrome usage steadily rising while the line for Internet Explorer had begun to slope downward.


Image: NetMarketShare

According to NetMarketShare, Google Chrome also came out top for the most used mobile web browser with a market share of just over 49 percent.

Four years ago, another market tracker, StatCounter, which measures useage a little differently to NetMarketShare, instead measuring raw pageviews across a variety of sites, had already ranked Google Chrome as the world’s number one web browser.

Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser for most of the latter part of the 20th Century and even as recently as June 2015, was still had 54 percent market share compared to Chrome’s 27.23 percent.

However, recent years has seen users leave Microsoft’s web browser in droves in favour, it seems, of Google Chrome.

Today’s new means that for most users, Google controls nearly all of their Internet experience from either a mobile or desktop device.

The results come as Google is under pressure for regulators in Europe of its dominance of the Internet.

Last month, Microsoft announced a 25 percent fall in quarterly profits.


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  1. For the past six years, I have sent innumerable requests to as many Google forums asking them to fix the problem of me being served with context menus and other little titbits in the Thai language. All to no avail ….. so Chrome is out for me.