How Google Chrome will kill off one of the most annoying things on the internet


Google Chrome is looking to include a built-in tool that will mute videos that automatically play when you load a web page.

The feature has been included on latest beta version of Google Chrome which became available on December 14.

The feature is expected to be rolled out to the full version shortly. But if you can’t wait, here’s how you can use the new feature right now

Firstly, you need to download the beta version of Chrome 64. Don’t forget, as it is a beta version it may have some unaddressed bugs and other issues.

Once installed, you can open the browser and visit the webpages where you have issues.

Next, in the URL bar at the top of the browser, there should be a lower-case “i” or green lock icon located to the left of the web address. Click on it and it should display a drop-down menu with details about the page.

Image: Gizmodo

In this menu you will find an option for “sound”.

The sound is turned on by default but if you unclick the arrow next to “Allow (default)” it will give you more options. Here you can select “Always allow on this site” or “Always block on this site.”

Select “Always block on this site” and the next time a video tries to autoplay it will be muted.

Sadly, there isn’t an option to do this universally so you need to do it for every web page where you have an issue.

This is probably deliberate as these videos are very valuable for companies who are advertising.

H/T: Gizmodo


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