Google is giving away money to Chromecast owners


If you own one of Google’s excellent little streaming and ‘casting’ sticks, the Chromecast, you’re in luck as Google is offering everyone a $6 free credit for the Google Play Store for Valentines Day next week. All you have to do is own a Chromecast and go to the company’s offers website (link below).


Google gives Chromecast owners $6 to spend

You will need to agree to share your Chromecast device ID, in order to take part in the special offers, but once you’ve done that, just select the Chromecast that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network at home. One connected, you should see all the promotions available, including the new $6 credit that’s available for Valentine’s Day only.

Google Chromecast Offers

You’ll have to agree to share your Chromecast Device ID to take part in these special promotional offers, but after that, simply select your Chromecast that’s on your home Wi-Fi network and you’re good to roll. Once you’ve connected, you’ll see the available promotional offers, including the new $6 credit that’s available for Valentine’s Day.

Google states that you can “enjoy a Valentine’s Day rental” with the credit given, which suggests that it can only be used for movies, but in fact you can use it for anything on sale in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how to redeem the offer:

  • Make sure you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.
  • Open the Chromecast app on Android or iOS
  • Select the device, then look to find the “Check For Offers” button (which is cunningly hidden behind the three dots button in the upper-right of the screen)
  • Confirm your Chromecast’s serial number with Google
  • That’s it!

As well as within the app, you can do this on a PC at this link.

We’ve heard reports that people who have more than one Chromecast are able to redeem the special offer once for each device when using the mobile app. Can’t complain about that!


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