Google Code is Officially Dead


It’s official: Google Code is dead. Google Code Project Hosting is the latest side project on the chopping block as Google continues to eliminate poor-performing products and services.

The search engine giant decided to end the project because it has been “superseded” by other alternatives. The company was transparent about their decision, stating that a large number of projects on the service are abuse or spam related. The company went on to state that a hefty amount of the administrative load was almost entirely related to abuse management.

Things have changed quite a bit since Google Code launched in 2006, Google said in its Open Source Blog. As such, developers are moving to better services, like GitHub. In fact, Google itself is moving a number of its own open source projects to the platform.

Project creation was disabled yesterday on Google Code, but the company is providing developers with migration tool links to help them move projects to newer platforms. Google will be offering migration support to developers over the next three months. But on August 24, the site will officially switch to read-only. The final shut-down date for the project is January 25, 2016.

Many Google Code users expressed their concerns of Google’s intentions to stop hosting projects that aren’t migrated. Users would like to see the search giant continue to host these projects in read-only mode indefinitely.


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