Google Destinations wants to help you plan your next holiday


Dreaming about your next vacation? Thinking of booking a trip overseas? If so, Google wants to give you a helping hand.

Earlier this week, the search engine giant launched Google Destinations, created to help you discover and plan your next trip.

Best of all, there is no app to download as the feature has already been enabled on your smartphone.

Google Destinations

To start searching for a destination all you need to do is type a location into Search followed by ‘destination’ or ‘vacation’ and hit enter.

A drop down box will then appear at the top of your screen with more location suggestions, which you can expand upon by pressing the blue arrow at the bottom of the window.

From here, you will be able to scroll through different destinations, comparing air fares and accommodation as you go.

Google Destinations also includes videos, ideas and suggested itineraries of your chosen destination.

The filter button let’s you fine tune your search where you can state how many people will be travelling, dates of your trip and budget.

Google Destinations

Destinations also provides other useful bits of info such as peak travel times so you will know when to avoid the crowds.

With Google’s limitless amount of data and knowledge, Destinations is a pretty clear indication that the company wants users to use it for every step of their travel organising.

Google will obviously be hoping the new feature overtakes sites such as Kayak, Expedia and

Google Destinations is currently only available on mobile.

Source: Official Google Blog


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  1. Doesn’t seem to work on my Windows Dumbphone. Too bad, since it sounds like a great travel tool. Then again, I can’t count on my from my Dumbphone.