Google finds out what Thais watch on video during Songkran


Google has released new insights into how Thais watch video during Songkran, revealing that last year watch time during the festival grew by 78 per cent from 2015.

Songkran is a time for Thai families to get together to celebrate the traditional beginning of the new year. It’s a time to pay respect to elders, asking for their blessing. At the same time, fun activities like splashing water to cool down in the summer heat also happen throughout the country.

Google carried out research on how last year’s Songkran played out on YouTube, to see what viewers were watching during the holiday and the implications for marketers. Based on 2016’s viewing habits, here are Google’s top predictions for Songkran this year.


Thais will turn to YouTube for:

1. Beauty tips on how to look good while soaking wet

During Songkran, most Thais go out into the streets with a water pistol or a bowl full of water to splash neighbours or passers-by. But they also want to look good when they’re soaking wet, and they go to YouTube for help. Thai creators have answered the call, offering tips on how to look good with waterproof makeup while celebrating the season with family and friends.

2. Humour

With the whole country in a celebratory mood – not to mention all the water being splashed around – Songkran is full of funny moments that Thais want to share. Creators frequently share their light-hearted experiences, especially around fun moments getting splashed with water, or people dancing in the streets.

3. Entertainment

The research also found that Thais want to watch entertaining content during the festival. With a lot of big family get-togethers happening at once, Songkran-themed variety shows, talk shows and festival highlights are popular during this moment as Thais gather around their screens to celebrate the festival with dance and music.


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