Google is giving away 2GB of Drive space for free


Google has announced it is giving away an additional 2GB of storage space on Google Drive.

In order to claim the additional storage, Google wants users to complete a quick security check as part of Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day is an an annual global event which aims to promote online safety and more responsible usage when using the Internet.

Whilst Google already promises that any data stored on Google Drive is encrypted and stored securely in its data centres, this quick security check informs users about how to take advantage of all of the security features Google offers and is a useful way of ensuring you are doing all you can make sure your info is secure when using Google services.

Google Drive security check

This is the screen users see after completing the Google Drive security check.

The offer of 2GB worth of free storage space is open until 17th February, and will be added to your existing Google Drive account around 28th February, once you have completed the security check and received a notification email from Google.

The security check takes about a minute to complete and shows you such information as to the locations of where you last logged in, which will help you spot anything potentially untoward in your Google account. It also checks if you have 2-step verification activated and what extensions you currently have on your Chrome browser.

For more info, read this post on the Google Drive Blog.



  1. Completed the survey but have yet to see space added to my Google Drive.

    Maybe it takes a while?

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