Google Glass Enterprise Edition is available soon


Google is calling its next version of Google Glass the “Enterprise Edition” or simply “EE”, and there is fresh news online about the soon to be available hardware. Several sources familiar with prototypes of the latest Google Glass say it includes a larger ‘prism’ (the viewfinder) as well as a better Intel Atom processor with better performance and slightly better battery life.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

There have been whispers about the Enterprise Edition prototypes for months, but there are now a few different iterations that are being tested more widely. Google has a larger viewfinder that extends further allowing users to look up more comfortably rather than having to look up and to the right. The previous Explorer Edition caused eye strain after a long period of use, and this change looks set to alleviate that problem slightly.

It’s not yet certain if the screen resolution has increased, but various sources say the screen is better than the one on the regular Explorer Edition.

The Wall Street Journal reported in December 2014 that the new device would have a low power Intel chip to increase battery life, and this is definitely the case in the latest version. There’s an Intel Atom chip inside, but it’s not yet clear which model. It is though reportedly clocked faster than current top of the line Android Wear smartwatches.

While battery life has improved, it’s only a small improvement over the previous model. It was one of the biggest concerns for the Explorer Edition especially when used in the workplace, and Google won’t allow the Enterprise version to be released without at least some improvements.

Last week, a new Google device was noticed as it passed through the FCC in the US. The device, which was labelled simply as a Bluetooth device, appeared to support Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. This new version of Glass announced this week definitely has 5 GHz support, so perhaps they’re both one and the same…



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