Google Glass still alive, as Google posts engineering jobs online


What’s wrong with these companies that persist in giving us ridiculous looking head mounted displays? It seems the software giant has been shaking up the Google Glass project big time, since it came out of the experimental phase and placed in its own division under one-time Apple employee and iPod inventor Tony Fadell.

Google Glass alive (and kicking?)

We reported recently that a new version of Google Glass was being shown to developers, and now we have additional confirmation that the Mountain View, California firm is hiring new talent to work on the project, evidenced by several job listings for engineers that have posted to various websites such as LinkedIn.

In total, there are 9 new Glass jobs listed, posted a few days ago by Google. They positions include many different aspects of the device – for example they need someone to work on the Glass Development Kit, connectivity, voice, multimedia, and sensors. Importantly however, three of those nine jobs are targeting the enterprise aspects of the device, in listings for applications and services engineers and one for a lead enterprise engineer. Perhaps Google has realised that Glass is only really suitable for business settings, and should never be worn on the street by so-called “Glass-holes”.

How Google Glass works

The description for the “Lead Engineer, Enterprise” listing is as follows:

You are an experienced Tech Lead who is excited about bringing wearable computers to the workplace. The Glass for Work project ( was created to help 3rd-party software vendors and customers use Glass across such industries as healthcare, manufacturing, energy and field service.


  • Enable Glass as an enterprise friendly platform through enterprise services and capabilities.
  • Expand on the GDK to build new APIs for 3rd party applications.
  • Work with other Android teams to leverage Android for Work efforts for Glass.
  • Build reference applications for video streaming and other use cases.
  • Act on feedback from top tier partners and customers.

And here’s a brief snippet of the jobs mentioned:

Google Glass Job Ads

Ultimately, it remains to be seen how Google Glass development will progress in future – will it ever be released as a fully-developed consumer product aimed at the mass market? or simply a niche design and engineering tool for businesses?