Google has been leaking all your online secrets to your friends


You may want to think twice before performing your next Google search.

A new report claims Google’s messaging app Allo is capable of sharing your search history to the person you are chatting to without your knowledge.

Google Allo, which as launched earlier this year, includes Google Assistant.

According to a report earlier this week from Re/code Allo “has been found to be capable of ‘sharing users’ past Google searches with contacts, without being prompted to.”

The discovery was made by Tess Townsend from Re/code who was using Allo to chat to a friend.

“In the middle of our conversation, my friend directed Assistant to identify itself. Instead of offering a name or a pithy retort, it responded with a link from Harry Potter fan website Pottermore. The link led to an extract from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth book in J K Rowling’s Harry Potter series,” she said.

“But the response was not merely a non sequitur. It was a result related to previous searches my friend said he had done a few days earlier, Townsend added.

“It didn’t come from any of my search history, since I had not viewed any Harry Potter-related websites in the days before our conversation. We also did not mention Harry Potter in our text exchange until Assistant brought it up,” the report said.

This wasn’t the only issue either with Allo later sharing the address of Ms Townsend’s previous place of work after she asked Google Assistant “What is my job”.

In response Google said: “We were notified about the Assistant in group chats not working as intended. We’ve fixed the issue and appreciate the report.”

This isn’t the first time Allo has been flagged over privacy issues.

When Google announced its launch, critics hit out at the search engine giant for not including end to end encryption in Allo by default, the same as rivals WhatsApp and Telegram.

Edward Snowden also hit out at Allo saying: “What is #Allo?”

“A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request.”


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