Google has killed off one its most exciting projects


Project Ara, a module smartphone that allowed users to customise and personalise with their own components has been dropped by Google.

It is believed that Google are looking to refocus their device and hardware operations, concentrating on smaller projects ahead of the expected launch of a new smartphone next month, reported Reuters.

The move has surprised many with Google openly backing the project as recently as May when they announced that were planning to release a developer version in the autumn.

Google so far hasn’t commented on the news but it is seen as a big blow to one of their most significant future projects.

Project Ara would have enabled users to pretty much design and choose the components of their device.

For instance they could have concentrated on a more powerful camera, more storage or perhaps a larger battery.

The project could yet be resurrected at a later date, as one source said that Google may be prepared to work with a third party in order to bring the concept to reality.

Modular phones are growing in popularity with more and more users looking to personalise their devices in a similar manner to what is available with PCs.

Indeed HP recently unveiled its own modular computer, the Elite Slice, which allows users to add in certain additional features without needing any wires.


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