Google has killed off one of the most annoying things on the internet


Google is trying to make the internet a safer place whilst at the same time making it less annoying.

Google’s CAPTCHA system is something that most people find quite annoying, squinting to try and read distorted letters and numbers just to prove you are a human and not a robot.

Google’s previous version was called reCAPTCHA that just involved ticking a box.

Google have now surpassed this with its new Invisible reCAPTCHA that is capable of sniffing out bots without any human interaction.

“Powering these advances is a combination of machine learning and advanced risk analysis that adapt to new and emerging threats,” the company said in a video. We are lead to believe that if the programme does feel there is something suspicious the human will be subjected to more security checks.

Shuman Ghosemajumder, the chief technology officer at Shape Security in Mountain View, California, and a former Google employee said that the search giant is interested in making the internet a little more frictionless.

“ReCAPTCHA is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, CAPTCHA mechanism on the internet today,” he says of the free service. “Google in general—and this is certainly a philosophy that we adhered to when I was there—believed that anything that is good for the internet, is good for Google.”

It appears that the Invisible reCAPTCHA will examine how the user moves the mouse as well as other human type movement hard to mimic with a computer. Ghosemajumder says.

“Google also has a history of information that’s associated with that particular IP address,” he adds, pointing out that if the user is also logged into a Google account, the company will know even more about what is or isn’t normal activity.

How well Invisible reCAPTCHA is received will be very interesting.

H/T: Gizmodo


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