Google has made it really, really easy to set reminders


It seems like almost every week a new app becomes available to help you be more productive, better organised or just set reminders for things that you need to do.

However, it is tough to beat Google when it comes to these sorts of apps.

Setting a Google reminder is easy; all you have to do is type it in the Google search box in the same manner as you would if you were actually searching for something.

It really is as easy as conducting a simple search, perfect for when you want minimum disruption when you are in the middle of doing something else.

The only app that you will need is called Google Now. It comes as standard on Android phones but if you aren’t using it, then you really should try it out.

All you have to do is literally type in remind me to do A at B time in the search box and then click “remind me in Google Now”.

A reminder will then be sent to your smartphone. The only downside is that notification alert didn’t appear on the iPhone although Google Now can be installed. However it does appear in the shaded notification area so all is not lost.

The iPhone issue aside, this really is the easiest way to set up a reminder on any app and may help even the most disorganised people to have some better planning in their lives.

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