Google head explains the company’s four pillars for Thai operations


GOOGLE says it has four pillars for its operations in Thailand this year, while it has also announced products and initiatives to cater to Thai users.

Ben King, country head of Google Thailand, said the four pillars were education, content, start-ups, and user access.

For the education pillar, the company is providing “Google Ignite”, an incubator programme aiming to equip Thai students with the skills they need to pursue successful digital-marketing careers.

King said the Thai education sector had high potential for growth, and Google wanted to help the country provide better-quality education for the digital ecosystem.

“The popular apps in Thailand are YouTube, Search, Maps, Translate and Google Play Store,” he said.

For the content pillar, Google says it is continuing to work closely with partners to create local content via YouTube.

Meanwhile, Google is continuing to invest in supporting fledgling businesses, such as creating a start-up boot camp. It also provides solutions for established businesses.

Launchpad Accelerator is a global mentorship programme for start-ups through which Google provides training, networking opportunities and equity-free support to help them build successful companies. The programme is now open to applications from the Thai start-up community.

Last, to enhance user access, besides Google Translate, the company has introduced Neural Machine Translation, an end-to-end machine-learning system.

The company has also announced a number of initiatives that it says demonstrate its continued commitment to digitising Thailand.

King said the company was also expanding its office space in Thailand, taking over the 16th floor of Park Ventures Ecoplex in Bangkok.



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