Need a cleaner? Book one via Google as it moves into home services market


Project Brillo and Android TV are not the only ways that Google is trying to have an impact on your home life. The company is moving gradually into the home service market, by hiring staff from Homejoy, which is a startup for hiring professional cleaners.

Google takes on Lovejoy staff

Around 20 people from Homejoy’s product team will move to Google as the service prepares to shut down amid lots of lawsuits about whether its workers were employees or workers (similar to the hoo-had that Uber is now experiencing).

Google has just confirmed it’s hired the product people, but has not provided any more information about their precise roles. Internet site re/code suggests that Google plans to use the new team to match up local professionals with online users, and maybe even integrated professional services into Google search results.

A company called Handy, one of Homejoy’s main competitors, has also tried to entice some of Homejoy’s cleaners / contractors / employees with $1,000 sign-up bonuses until September for any professionals that make the move onto their service.

Google has in recent months been trying to expand to more areas rather than simply search and web services. It’s not the only web company attempting to make such a move. Amazon also began to offer home services in March this year.

SOURCE: re/code.


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