Google Inbox app now available on tablets, Safari and Firefox


Google has announced that its Inbox email app will now be available on more platforms.

On Thursday, the company said in a blog post that the Google Inbox app is now available on Android tablets and iPads, after only previously being available on smartphones and via the web.

Google also went onto say that Inbox will also be available to users via the Safari and Firefox web browsers, having only been previously available on Google Chrome.

However, Google has also confirmed that the access to the Inbox app remains on an invitation only basis. Users are still able to download the app but won’t be able to use it without an invitation.

Users can get a an invite to the Google Inbox app by emailing, with the company providing access as and when more invites become available.

Launched in October 2014, Inbox is Google’s new email service and works independently from Gmail. The Google Inbox app offers a different approach to the way users can deal with their email inbox. Rather than placing email into folders, as is the case with Gmail, Inbox displays messages using different categories or bundles.

For example, emails related to travel, maybe an upcoming trip overseas will see flight confirmation, hotel booking and e-tickets for a sightseeing tour automatically bundled together. Inbox can also do other stuff like display an invoice or image without you needing to open the email.

The idea behind this is that Google Inbox organises email on your behalf.  Of course, this means that you have trust the app enough for it to organise your email.

The video below explains how Inbox works.



I’ve used Inbox and have to say I found it a little hit and miss and ultimately it wasn’t enough to make me change from Mailbox, which incidentally is what I use for managing my Gmail.

You can download the the Google Inbox app on Android and iOS.

Have you tried Google Inbox or Mailbox?

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  1. Expanding its tentacles further “By invite”. LOL. No thanks, Google.