Google introduces Google Prompt, a new kind of two step authentication


Google has announced the launch of a new type of two step authentication called Google Prompt, which needs only a single click for users to be able to log into their Google account.

While Google was one of the first tech companies to introduce two step authentication, it is now commonplace used to help login into everything from online banking to Facebook and Twitter and is seen as a way of making our user credentials that little bit safer.

Two step authentication normally sends the user and authentication code by SMS which they then use to login to an app or website.

However, by launching Google Prompt, Google is attempting to make the process easier and less time consuming and irritating.

Instead of sending an SMS, Google Prompt uses a push notification which users can simply accept in order to login to their account.

Google Prompt

When a user tries to login into their account from a different location or computer, they are sent the push notification asking if they are trying to login.

A simple tap on “yes” or “no” is all that’s required.

Google Prompt is available on Android and iOS, although iPhone or iPad users need to make sure they have installed the Google Search app.

Google Prompt

You will need turn on Google Prompt, even if you already have two step authentication enabled.

To enable Google Prompt:

  1. Login in to your Google account
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Select Sign in & security
  4. Signing in to Google
  5. Then select 2 step verification
  6. Add Google Prompt as another form of verification

Google isn’t the first company to use this method of verification, both Twitter and Facebook offer similar features they require users to open their respective mobile apps, where as Google Prompt doesn’t even require that and is much quicker.

Source: Google


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